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Weverij Van Neder is a family-owned textile mill located in Anzegem, Belgium. Our roots in the textile industry date back to the early 1900’s, weaving terry towel jacquard fabric on commission for other textile mills.

The actual company is established in 1957, shortly thereafter production swiftly shifted from terry weaving to upholstery jacquard velvet. Our continued success has enabled us to expand our business with jacquard flat woven fabrics.

Using high performance machines, we guarantee quick delivery worldwide, impeccable quality and outstanding service.

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To safeguard the environment and contribute to a sustainable future, we attempt to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. We uphold the responsibilities that come with our CO2 neutral certificate. We encourage the use of recyclable materials, such as recycled polyester and ecological viscose yarn and we intend to continue our search for sustainable raw materials in the years to come.

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Favorable Pricing

Our clients can count on the impeccable quality of the range of Van Neder’s products, in this regard we equally guarantee a pricing that is both fair and favorable. Our ability to produce large volumes at a rapid rate allow us to offer our client great prices on the market.

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Excellent service & fabrics

Each day we strive for excellence and we continue to challenge ourselves to provide our clients with the best possible service and exquisite quality.

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Consistent availability

We act fast. One of the core features of our business is our ability to deliver quality fabrics within a very short period of time.

Our techniques

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Jacquard Velvet Weaving

We consistently invest in state-of-the-art machinery. To ensure a steady production of quality jacquard velvets, our machines are equipped with Metex One and Wireflex looms and fitted with Staübli electronic jacquards. This enables us to weave the renowned cut and loop pile velvet in many different patterns and colours. Two full width jacquards, each 140 cm wide, are at our disposal to weave unique designs without a real pattern repeat.

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industrial weaving loom to weave superior quality fabrics at high speed

Flat Weaving

Weaving looms from all premium brands, such as Picanol and Itema, enable us to weave superior quality fabrics at high speed. All looms are equipped with Bonas and Staübli jacquards.

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Our procedure

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We possess the know-how and have the capacity to finish the fabrics in-house. The velvets are steamed, brushed and sheared and all fabrics can be backcoated. Our specialty is adding a fire retardant coating for BS 5852 pt1 and 2, the UK standard to which all domestic upholstery fabrics need to comply to.

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Control & packaging

Every roll of fabric is inspected, measured and packed in the best way possible. Our jacquard velvets are suspended in boxes to ensure that they arrive at their destination in an impeccable state.

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Fast Delivery

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our products in a swift manner. Our ever-growing experience combined with our top-of-the-line machinery allows us to produce the required velvets at an above average pace, ensuring that our clients’ demands are quickly met.


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The story of Weverij Van Neder’s is one of tradition, craftmanship, persistence and ambition. A colourful history that dates back to the early years of the previous century, when Van Neder first set foot in the textile industry by creating terry towel jacquard fabrics on commission for various textile mills. After officially establishing the company in 1957, Van Neder’s production branched off into upholstery jacquard velvets and flat woven fabrics

Our team

Our staff of 27 people are skilled and passionate about offering you the perfect fabric. Appealing designs, considerable product quality and a comprehensive service allow us to supply you with the best fabrics available on the market today.

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