About Us

Our History

Weverij Van Neder is a family owned and operated textile mill in Belgium. Our textile roots date back to the early 1900’s, doing commission work for other textile mills, and weaving terry towel jacquard fabric. The actual company was established in 1957, and production quickly shifted from terry weaving to upholstery jacquard velvet. The continued success has enabled us to expand our business with jacquard flat woven fabrics.Today, 60 looms are at our disposal, all equipped with the best techniques available which guarantees quick delivery, perfect quality and great service.

We export worldwide, with a main focus on the United Kingdom and the USA.

Our Team

Our staff of 27 people are passionate about offering you the perfect fabric: design, product, quality and service: all is put in place to supply you with the best on the market, time and time again.

  • Prod. & Procurement Management:
  • Mr Vincent Van Neder
  • vvn@vanneder.be
  • Sales and General Management:
  • Mr Michael Van Neder
  • mvn@vanneder.be
  • Financial and HR Management:
  • Mr Nicolas Van Neder
  • nvn@vanneder.be
  • Sales and Design Management:
  • Mr. Philippe De Vos
  • pdv@vanneder.be
  • Shipment and Invoicing Department:
  • Mrs Els
  • ec@vanneder.be
  • Internal Sales Department:
  • Mrs Brigitte
  • bb@vanneder.be